ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 certification is an international standard, established by the International Organization for Standardization in 1996, ISO 14001 is part of a family of standards (ISO 14000) designed to promote and guide an environmental management approach. It is appropriate for any organization (company, non-governmental organization, union, etc.) concerned with improving its production, management, and operations to control its environmental impacts. 

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ISO evaluates all standards on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet market requirements. The current version is ISO 14001:2015, and certified organizations have three years to adapt their environmental management system to the new edition of the standard. 

Implementation of  ISO 14001 Certification

1) Obtain management support- This is critical. Without it, your ISO 14001 implementation will almost certainly fail. To persuade your management that ISO 14001 is a good idea.

2) Determine legal requirements - Another critical step in ensuring the success of your EMS implementation is to ensure that you have identified the legal and other requirements for your EMS. Also see: ISO 14001 legal requirements decoded

3) Define EMS scope – Define the scope to ensure you know the limits of what needs to be done. of your emergency services. This helps to avoid which include aspects of your business that may have no impact on the environment. 

4) Define EMS procedures and processes – These are the processes and procedures which you will identify as necessary to ensure consistent and adequate results when preventing negative environmental impacts and responding to emergency situations.

5) Implement Emergency service procedures and processes - These procedures and processes are regularly supported by current processes at your company, such as waste tracking. Not that all processes require documented procedures, but it is essential to determine which ones do in order to prevent environmental destruction.

6) Provide training and awareness - Employees should be trained on what ISO 14001 is and why they are doing it, as well as any changes to the processes in which they are involved. It is critical that everyone in your full version of what you are doing with your EMS and where they fit in.

7) Select a certification body - The certification body is the company that will eventually come in to audit your EMS processes for ISO 14001 compliance, as well as whether the system is effective and improving. It is best to interview several certification bodies to determine which is best for your company.

8) Run the Emergency medical services measure and keep records - This is when you will collect the records that will be required during an audit to demonstrate that your processes meet the requirements.

9) Conduct internal audits - Before the certification audit, the certification body will want you to audit each process internally. 

10) Conduct a management review - This is just as important as Management's involvement in the EMS's maintenance and upkeep demonstrates management's support for ISO 14001 implementation. To ensure that the processes have enough resources to be effective and improve.

11) Use corrective actions - to find the root cause of any problems found and take action to correct that root cause in order to fix problems and improve the system. These issues can be identified during your measurements, internal audits, and management reviews

12) Certification audit - 1 - Here, the certification body will review your documentation to ensure that you have addressed all of the ISO 14001 standard's requirements on paper. 

13) Certification audit - 2 - The certification body auditors will perform an on-site audit during this main audit, where they will review the records you have accumulated by operating your EMS processes, including records of internal audits, management reviews, and corrective actions.

Cost of ISO 14001 Certification 

One of the most important considerations when deciding whether ISO 14001 is right for your company is cost. The cost of implementing ISO 14001 will always vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Your company's size
  • Your line of work
  • Your processes' complexity

But that's probably not the answer you were looking for, so let's go over the potential costs.

Benefits of having ISO 14001 Certification 

  1. Quality mark

Fundamentally, the ISO Certification mark on a product is an indication of quality that derives from a company ensuring that it is organized in accordance with one of the globally recognized ISO standards. 

  1. Global applicability

All ISO standards are followed by substances all over the world. The general ISO standards provide nuances to ensure that the products and adventures provided meet the needs of the customers.

  1. Environmental  safety maintenance

ISO 14001 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization to place a strong emphasis on the advancement and maintenance of an organization's Environmental Management System.

  1. Employee turnover is low

In reality, the new ISO 14001 standard places a greater emphasis on representative duty. When employees explicitly interact with themselves in an organization's environmental management.

  1. Financial savings 

As concern for environmental protection grows, ISO 14001 certification is becoming a requirement. Punishments may be drawn in as a result of resistance. This can increase the costs. 

  1. Improving client relationship management 

ISO 14001 most likely improves hierarchical reputation in terms of Environmental Responsibility. Finally, this improves Client Relationship Management (CRM).

How to get ISO 14001 Certification 

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Conduct Gap Analysis to find any Shortcomings from the standard requirements.


Policies, procedures, Work Instructions, Evidences, Records, Training


Conduct frequent internal audit and management review meeting.


Apply corrective actions on the identified root cause or shortcomings






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