ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 Certification

 ISO 50001 is an international family of standards. It is applicable to organizations of any size and specifies requirements for establishing, managing, and improving energy consumption and efficiency. ISO 50001 is intended to be compatible and harmonized with other system standards, including ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and ISO 9001 for quality management systems. As a result, it is ideal for incorporating into existing management systems and processes such as environmental and health and safety management.

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ISO 50001 helps facilities evaluate and prioritize the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies, as well as improve energy efficiency, energy use, and consumption. It also increases transparency and facilitates communication about energy resource management. It promotes best practices and behaviors in energy management and provides a framework for promoting energy efficiency.

Implementation of ISO 50001 Certification 

An EMS's step is to evaluate power generation or power demands that minimize a specific goal, such as generation cost, power loss, or environmental impact. So, in order to implement an EMS, system organizations must go through the following steps:

1- The governmental energy audit: This method allows you to map your company's energy consumption. Its purpose is to identify your sources of energy savings, which is a real competitive advantage. This inventory assists you in identifying the most pertinent regulatory or optimization actions to implement and concretizes your energy performance strategy through the development of a precise and low-cost action plan.  

2- Implementing Performance Energy Indicators (PEI) created on the organization's Significant Energy Uses (SEU) to track their evolution over time. The PEIs can be implemented directly through the energy management software.

3- Defining the reference energy consumption: This allows for monitoring the improvement of energy performance.

4- Implementation of a metering strategy Metering and submetering provide businesses with visibility into their consumption. Data collection is thus required (consumption of water, gas, electricity, etc.).

5- Once this data has been collected A software solution allows for real-time analysis of the evolution of energy consumption in the building compared to its reference year, allowing for the identification of consumption peaks and anomalies.

6- Determine the possibility of energy savings. This is critical for the implementation of consumption-reduction measures.

7- Action monitoring. Once the energy-saving measures have been identified, an action plan is developed to put them into action. These actions can be planned and managed using energy management software. Furthermore, it enables the measurement of the achievement of the expected energy performance improvement objectives.

Cost  of ISO 50001 Certification 

Whether you already have some elements of a quality management system in place or not depends on the size and complexity of your organization.

Basically, an organization seeking registration has three options, which are listed below:

Make your own documentation, training, and so on: It is possible to do so by reading and interpreting ISO standards. No one knows your company better than you. As a result, you are best placed to document your processes. But the question here is whether you have the time to write hundreds of pages of documentation and train your employees.

Use documentation templates and training programs to document and train your organization's QMS. You can also educate your employees.

and efficiently create a solid Quality management system (QMS) for a very small investment, saving you months of time and frustration.

Hire an ISO consultant: You can also hire an ISO consultant in India to walk you through the entire process.

Benefits of having ISO 50001 Certification 

There are numerous advantages to obtaining ISO 50001 certification. ISO 50001:2018 enables businesses to establish an energy-management practice that reduces business risk while improving productivity and operations. 

This voluntary standard assists organizations in increasing energy productivity and lowering costs, which ultimately benefits your organization. ISO 50001 provides a framework for achieving your energy goals, such as reducing the depletion of energy resources, which helps mitigate climate change and improve the efficiency of your organization's operations. Follow our certification steps to learn more about implementing ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 introduces an efficient process for measuring and managing energy consumption in order to:

  • Decrease power consumption and trying to operate costs- An ISO 50001 Energy Management System allows organizations to manage their energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills and increased company savings.
  • Evaluate organizational goals while incorporating new energy-efficient technology. By constantly improving energy-related processes. Continuous improvement keeps your organization at the cutting edge of energy technology development while also keeping you on track to meet your goals. Continuous improvement also keeps your organization on track and allows you to monitor and mitigate minor nonconformities before they become major problems.
  •      Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using energy more efficiently. Using new energy technology has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Greenhouse gases cause global warming, which is characterized by a sudden increase in temperature.
  • Reduce/manage energy consumption and operating costs- An ISO 50001 Energy Management System enables organizations to manage their energy consumption, allowing them to save money.

How to get ISO 50001 Certification 

Certvalue has an amazing track record of customer satisfaction with its registration services. A friendly approach to audits and a dislike of bureaucracy have resulted in unprecedented growth through referrals from satisfied clients. Certvalue only employs auditors who understand this approach. Auditors are also carefully assigned based on their experience in the industry they are auditing. As a result, a practical, meaningful audit is carried out in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. For more details about the company and services please do visit


Conduct Gap Analysis to find any Shortcomings from the standard requirements.


Policies, procedures, Work Instructions, Evidences, Records, Training


Conduct frequent internal audit and management review meeting.


Apply corrective actions on the identified root cause or shortcomings






Bottom-line of any business organization is profit and Customers are the only source of Profit. Certvalue will help balancing both customer and compliance requirement at the same time with the help of ISO certification


Enhancement of Performance

ISO certification is a tool to streamline and enhance the process performed internal to the organization. Certvalue indulges in inculcating best industry practices.


Recognition and Brand Value

It is always about the Brand value of your organization in the market and ISO certification from Certvalue can make your organization to be an excel and stand out in the market globally


Tender Eligibility

ISO certification is a basic requirement to bid or participate in any tenders floated by government or private sector. And ISO certification from Certvalue is an assurance win over the tenders.

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