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ISO 27701 Certification

         An extension to ISO 27001 for data security is ISO/IEC 27701:2019. This officially unveiled information security standard offers guidelines for organizations wishing to set up a platform to ensure GDPR and other data privacy requirements compliance. Data privacy management is outlined in ISO 27701, often known as PIMS (Privacy Information Management System), which provides a framework for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Controllers and PII Processors. Systems for managing personal information can also be used to manage privacy information

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By strengthening an existing Information Security Management System, lowers the danger to individuals and the organization's privacy rights. Entities wishing to pursue ISO 27701 certification in order to be Fully compliant must either already hold an ISO 27001 certification or apply both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 as part of an existing implementation assessment. The recommendations and criteria outlined in ISO 27001 naturally expand with ISO 27701. A company can reduce vulnerabilities and ensure efficient privacy and information security systems with the support of ISO 27701.

Organizations can simply illustrate their degrees of cybersecurity and privacy maturity courtesy of ISO 27001's foundational structure, which builds a reliable ISMS, and ISO 27701, which ensures a certifiable commitment to privacy controls. Stakeholders like clients and suppliers can feel confident as a response. By coupling ISO 27701 with ISO 27001, you may strengthen your privacy and move forward in accordance.

Why is ISO 27701 so valuable to you?

Security concerns have given rise to the exponential development in the capture of personal data and the proliferation of data processing. Therefore, organizations will be able to assess, regard, and reduce risks involving the gathering, general upkeep, and processing of personal information by instating a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the ISO/IEC 27701.Every enterprise that owns and is responsible for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) complies with this standard since it specifies how to manage and process data while protecting privacy. By supporting companies in grasping the practical procedures involved in the development of effective management of PII, it enhances an already implemented ISMS' ability to tackle privacy concerns correctly.

The data protection requirement  

The Data Protection Act (DPA) was voted into law to control how businesses and foreign governments utilize personal customer data. It defines guidelines for the use of personal data and protects persons. A standardized set of data protection legislation for all EU member states is attempted through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR makes it quicker to comprehend how their data is being used and to file any grievances, should they have a concern with how their information is used, even if they are not in the location where their data is maintained. The DPA, GDPR, and other related laws and regulations can all be complied with using the framework provided by the ISO 27701 Standard.

What includes the concept of the standard?

Extensions of ISO 27001, one of the most popularly used international standards for information security management, include ISO 27701. If your firm is already aware of ISO/IEC 27001, adding the new security options of PIMS may not be too difficult. Additionally, ISO 27002 and ISO 29100 are used as the foundation for ISO 27701. In addition to existing information security standards, ISO 27701 provides a level for consumer privacy. You might already be checking off some of the ISO 27701 boxes if you are already checking the boxes for other standards.

The advantages of ISO/IEC 27701:

The lower chance of security lapses is one of the main advantages of ISO 27701 certification. Potential harms are reduced, security breaches are less likely, and potential finds are recognized and quit quickly thanks to the ISO 27701 certification.

Having a safety certification can help firms gain the trust of their partnerships, employees, investors, and other customers. Combining ISO 27701 with other factors shows your organization's sensitivity to safety. Organizations with an ISO 27701 certification are compelled to go through surveillance assessments every year, giving your external customers peace of mind that your business operates in accordance with best practices and ISO standards with a proper PIMS in place.

Being focused on specified areas of an organization, ISO 27701 is desirable. To put that another way, a company does not need to secure a broad certification for its entire event in order to achieve compliance as a competent authority of data. This is beneficial for marketers with tough business operations because it allows them to properly govern multiple types of data, including PII, that might not even need the same controls.

Yearly, many firms execute several audits. Anyone who has a heavy calendar doesn't want any more audits or assessments. The ISO 27701 standard does not effectively enhance the auditing procedure because it merely coexists with the ISO 27001 standard. Organizations that already use ISO 27001 can easily include ISO 27701 in their ISO audit and assessment processes.

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