GDPR Certification

GDPR Certification

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to encourage organizations to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR provisions at the European Union level. This is outlined in GDPR Articles 42 and 43, which deal with data protection certification and allow organizations to demonstrate and account for any compliance measures in place, while also allowing them to enhance and go above and beyond what is required by the GDPR. Organizations can then be certified as having adequate safeguards in place for personal data processing.

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Data subjects benefit from such measures because they allow them to quickly assess and comprehend the level of data protection provided by an organization's technical and organizational processing operations. Certification is required in addition to GDPR Codes of Conduct.

 It is significant because it provides a public-facing accountability tool that allows an organization to demonstrate compliance measures to individuals, as well as other organizations with which it collaborates and supervisory authorities.

A "certification scheme" is a critical component of certification. In the context of GDPR, such schemes specify the mechanisms in place for the processing of personal data, as well as how appropriate controls and measures are implemented. 

These can then be evaluated by an accredited certification body. If satisfied, a certification body may validate and confirm that the organization has implemented appropriate controls and measures and that their specific process or service meets the scheme's requirements and data protection criteria.

Requirements for GDPR Certification

If your organization is interested in applying for  GDPR certification after considering the benefits and practical implications, you should:

Find a scheme - You must find a scheme that meets your requirements for the product or service you want to certify, as well as the nature of your organization.

Find a certification body - GDPR certifications are issued by certification bodies, so you must apply directly to them. On the website, you can find information about which certification bodies are delivering your preferred scheme.

GDPR certification must be for a specific processing operation or set of operations that comprise your organization's product, process, or service. You must first decide which product, process, or service you wish to have evaluated.

as well as certified HR processing, for example, an online payment system, marketing services, or a customer management database.

To determine what processing needs to be assessed, you must map the data processing operations associated with that product or service. This is referred to as the 'object of certification' or the 'target of evaluation.

Process of GDPR Certification 

  • During the scheme application process, you must notify the certification body if you are the subject of any ICO action.
  • Prior to the certification body issuing or renewing the certification, the ICO will confirm that this is the case. If it is discovered that you have not disclosed any action to the certification body, they may refuse to issue certification.
  • Check that you have paid your data protection fee. The Data Protection (Charges and Information) Regulations 2018 require every organization or sole trader that processes personal information to pay a data protection fee to the ICO beginning on May 25, 2018, unless exempt.
  • If your company suffers a personal data breach You must notify the certification body at the end of your certification term so that they can determine whether you still meet the certification criteria.
  • If the ICO discovers any compliance issues that may seriously impact your certification, we will notify the certification body, and they will be required to conduct an investigation to determine whether you still meet the certification criteria.
  • Finally, if you no longer meet the criteria, your certification may be revoked.

Cost of GDPR Certification 

You should contact the relevant certification body to find out how much an assessment of your processing activity will cost. They typically charge a day rate for auditing and testing, so the cost will be largely determined by the size of your organization as well as the scale and complexity of the processing operations they are evaluating.

Benefits of GDPR Certification

  • Controls for electronic information exchange between stakeholders (controllers, processors, and supervisory authorities) for binding corporate rules; mutual assistance.
  • Adherence by all parties involved to an approved code of conduct in order to achieve GDPR compliance.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the obligations of all stakeholders, including the Controller, and allow data subjects to evaluate the level of data protection of products and services.
  • Improve transparency and GDPR compliance to ensure adequate standards of protection to and by a third party, country or territory, or a specified sector within standard GDPR protection clauses; formats, and procedures.
  • The FAS examination process certifies GDPR implementation acts; standard contractual clauses between primary stakeholders (controllers and processors and between processors, codes of conduct, and so on).

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