ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification

An ISO 22000-based food safety management system (FSMS) can enable food manufacturers to take better safeguards against gastrointestinal illnesses and diseases, as well as boost their reputation and raise consumer knowledge of food safety. In the meantime, food packaging is becoming more widely used by people in our fast-paced world, so it is important to analyze the quality of food packaging. Food packaging must primarily be kept at room temperature for use; these standard procedures must be verified by ISO 22000 standard.

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Unprecedented economic transformation and scientific and technological breakthroughs were noticed by civilization during the 20th century. New technologies also flourished in the food industry as a result of this type of evolution. When a food processing company used a new method of producing food, it was done using sophisticated machine processes without the presence of humans. Therefore, in this position, we should focus on the part of food quality as opposed to taste. The 21st century still has a lot of obstacles, though. The WHO estimates that each year, inadequate food causes 5 % of the population to get severely ill and 420,000 deaths. Controls and traceability are more challenging as a result of globalization and complex supply networks. Therefore, these food manufacturers came to adopt and put these techniques into practice time for their mass manufacturing. Every positive aspect of the process is expanding along with certain issues and bad factors. Similar issues arise in the food industry when producing large quantities of food. Governments everywhere enforce some rules using a set of standard operating procedures. The purpose of ISO 22000 is to encourage them in carrying out their duty to guarantee the protection of their commodities and the welfare of their patrons.        

Any organization in the food system, regardless of the size or activity, can execute Standard 22000. It applies to all kinds of production of food that can be used similarly well in other food-related activities like growing crops, the manufacturing of stream and animal food, food department stores and food service, the manufacture of packaged foods, or a variety of services related to food like transportation, warehousing, cleaning, and sanitation. It is also appropriate for all types of food production.

How adopting ISO 22000 improves organization and quality

It doesn't matter if the industry is small or large. The ISO 22000 certification standards are open to everyone to use in their firm. strong suitable guidelines are provided by ISO 22000 for the production of goods that adhere to quality standards and requirements. All of these stages should be followed when producing food in bulk. In general, the operation of storing food ingredients plays a significant role in all sectors. We must adhere to the right rules outlined in the ISO 22000 standards norms.

The plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking are both integrated into the methodology used by ISO 22000 at both the organizational and operational levels. A food safety policy and set of food safety objectives must be formulated by organizations looking to adopt an FSMS based on ISO 22000. Top-level management must set the mission and tactics, and an ability to integrate must be put in place to monitor the merchandise along the supply chain. Parties from all points throughout the food production chain can use ISO 22000. This encompasses producers who raise agricultural production, make cattle feed, grow vegetables, operate storage and export it, and are also engaged in the commercial, dining, and food service industries. The ISO 22000 farm-to-plate strategy helps promote communication, consistent behaviors, and confidence among different food industry players, which paves the way for more effective hazard and risk control.

The implications of ISO 22000 certification for the food industry

 Implementing ISO 22000 certification is beneficial for ensuring that food production firms follow appropriate and secure procedures. It makes sure that proper controls and procedures are used to ensure food safety.  Your professional will be formally and independently validated with an ISO 22000 certificate. Implementing ISO 22000 will make your organization's standards and personnel standards a regular occurrence. Integrate globally acclaimed food safety management procedures into your company. Boost the trust that purchasers, manufacturers, and other related stakeholders have in the safety of your goods and your potential to lower health risks.

What are the benefits from the standard?

  • ISO 22000 consultancy services help your company to meet the regulatory compliance which is one of the main requirements which has to be compliant with.
  • ISO 22000 consultancy helps the company who protect or save card from the consequences which comes out from the unsafe food been processed and delivered to the customer.
  • ISO 22000 Consulting Services hence company across the world to increase the company brand value both in domestic and international markets leading to grease the profit.
  • ISO 22000 Consulting help to boost up the confidence within the customers towards the food been processed resulting in which customer gets attracted towards your product and increases the same market.

How to get certified for ISO 22000 certification?

We are one of the leading companies for consultation and certification of all the international standards which are available in market. We are one of the award winning company hundred percent track record of success in implementing the management system across 30 different countries. We believe in helping our customers to achieve the industry best practices in keeping their food safe from getting contaminated. Our skilled and experienced consultant will help you to understand end to end standard requirement and to get certified in. With us ISO 22000 certification is always minimal and reasonable for all of our customers. We help our customers in maintaining the system being adopted by providing online assistance or by annual maintenance contract.

How to obtain an ISO 22000 certificate 

 Numerous ISO 22000 certification consultants are available on the market to assist with the entire auditing, implementing, and accessing the route with correct standards Supporting and advising organizations to raise their overall food safety performance But simply assessing these factors using specific metrics is insufficient to provide proper consulting; one must also follow the right procedures, be aware of the organization's risk factors also important, and take steps to establish and oversee the entire certification process. We have a capable and financially responsible team working on ISO 22000. support businesses in setting up a traceability system. Examine to see if a company's FSMS adheres to ISO 22000 standards. Contribute to organization's efforts to prevent and lower the dangers of pollutants in their products and workplaces. Aid businesses in generating and preserving the value  


Conduct Gap Analysis to find any Shortcomings from the standard requirements.


Policies, procedures, Work Instructions, Evidences, Records, Training


Conduct frequent internal audit and management review meeting.


Apply corrective actions on the identified root cause or shortcomings






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Enhancement of Performance

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Recognition and Brand Value

It is always about the Brand value of your organization in the market and ISO certification from Certvalue can make your organization to be an excel and stand out in the market globally


Tender Eligibility

ISO certification is a basic requirement to bid or participate in any tenders floated by government or private sector. And ISO certification from Certvalue is an assurance win over the tenders.

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